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Food allergies

I love your show and all the nutritional advice. I am allergic (since childhood) to all seafood (not just shellfish), all nuts (especially peanuts), soy, and peas. All the advice about Omega 3's and how important they are for brain health makes me question whether I can take fish oil. How would I know if it was doing good or harm?

Functional Medicine Doctor - what is the best path?

Hi Dr. Chatterjee, You inspired me to do a career switch from Computer Science/IT and Team Coaching to researching how to become a functional medicine doctor and help your mission for treating with more lifestyle changes and fewer pills. Why? If interested see the end of this message, not going to bore you here. My question is, what is the best way to start this career switch and start working towards becoming a Functional Medicine Doctor? If you are to start all over again now, what would be your first step into education? Med School or some other path? According to my research to call yourself a Functional Medicine Doctor, you need a minimum of 9 years (GP qualification). But you and Dr. Mark Hyman mention that you didn't learn the things you preach in Med School, so is this investment worth it at all? Is there a more efficient way to get this knoweldge in 2021? If you are to start all over again now, what would be your first step into education? I guess this will be useful advice for anybody, thinking of applying for medicine, wishing to contribute towards YOUR mission of transforming medicine being a more about lifestyle rather than pills. My inspiration: I have multiple autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto, Alopecia areata), Food intolerances (resulting in hives). I would like to heal myself and more people like me, but with lifestyle changes, as you suggest, since that is what helped me. Best wishes, Veselin Kirev

Ways to Inspire Positive Change

Hey Rangan, Thank you so much for all hat you do in order to help us find happiness and betterment with real, practical tips rather than quick and easy fixes that don't address core issues. I appreciate the variety of voices and how research based a lot of what you share is. As an educator looking to move into educational leadership, I am wondering what would your words of wisdom be to someone like me that is looking to inspire systems changes so our children and communities can feel better and live more? Are there experiences you've had as a medical doctor where you've been able to create impact at the systems level, or do you find it best to share your voice in the form of these podcasts and your literature. Thank you so much!

COVID digits

Any thoughts on non-pharma treatments for covid digit, such as use of cold therapy?

How to deal with PCOS

I've recently been diagnoses with PCOS. Can you tell me what I can do to improve my chances of conceiving? I think I only ovulate once every 45-55 days. Are there more foods I should eat? I know about Folic Acid but what else? Thanks