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How can I communicate better with my partner?

My partner tends to have a “glass half empty” attitude and I’m the opposite. I feel guilty when I go out on my own but it’s crucial for my mental and physical health. I would love to learn about ways of communicating more successfully because I want him to be happy and I want both of us to enjoy life…. Thankyou so much for all that you do Rangan. I have learnt so much from you and your podcast guests . Thankyou

Experiences with Athletic Greens

Hi Rangan, I enjoy your podcast since about 1,5 years and love to recommend it to other people. It’s one of the best podcasts I came across, so the monthly fee is a brilliant way to support you and your message, your dedication. I‘d like to ask about one of your sponsors products - as you are taking Athletic Greens Supplements for quite some time now, what could you report what changed with your health, what you would reconcile to taking these regularly? I‘d love to hear about your or your families experiences. Thanks a lot for your time and looking forward to the AMA sessions, Petra

Teeth grinding

Do you have any suggestions on how to stop grinding teeth when you’re asleep - it is very difficult to know how to stop and also whether you have stopped because you’re asleep :-). Thank you

Thyroid issues

Would you be able to do a podcast on thyroid disorders and treatment in the uk. My daughter has been diagnosed with Hashimotos after 4 years of fatigue and other symptoms. The doctor has prescribed t4 medication and told her she will be on it for life. No lifestyle changes were recommended and I have had to pay for a functional practitioner to advise her on these. After 2 months on medication she was told her levels were better so to halve her dose, even though she feels no better. Since her diagnosis I have researched thyroid issues and this seems to be a very common issue . The lack of t3 medication owing to the vast price charge to the NHS is also an issue. I know you did a programme about this but can only find an interview you did on bbc news and not the actual programme itself. Maybe your website could include links to your TV programmes too as they were all very interesting but not easy to find.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon Treatment

I have Raynaud’s phenomenon. I am a retired GP. My mother had it. Is there a benefit from being prescribed nifedipine which I understand is a treatment. Thank you.